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Paint Zoom Sprayer

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  • Give that home painting job a pro finish with painting tools such as the Paint Zoom or Paint Sprayer Pro.
  • Pick from these amazing tools:
  • Do away with messy brushes and rollers to experience the Paint Zoom difference.
    • Just pull the trigger and paint, stain or varnish – finish it in minutes instead of hours with less errors and no mess.
    • This portable paint sprayer can be used to paint flat walls, stucco, brick, paneling, ceilings, concrete, wood, and other mediums.
    • Get a pro finish and yet save up 50% of paint.
    • The sprayer is made of ultra-light, ultra-durable material that can last for years.
    • Advanced spray technology delivers superior one-coat coverage that cuts down time spent on a paint job.
    • The sprayhead has a 3-way direct dial that can reach tight corners and angles.
    • The pack includes an industrial-strength 650-watt motor.
    • Thinner should be combined with the paint when using.
  • For quick and easy outdoor paint jobs, get the Paint Sprayer Pro.
    • As the name says, this paint sprayer gets paint jobs done like a professional would in less time and half the paint cost.
    • Eliminates inevitable painting mess and grease with its 360 degree spray gun functionality complete with settings such as horizontal and vertical for larger surfaces and round for smaller objects, difficult corners, and awkward spaces.
    • Versatile as it can cover paint jobs inside and outside the home, from walls to fences.
    • Easy to operate; just pull the trigger and it sprays more liquid with the proper viscosity.
    • Can be used with water or solvent based paints, varnishes, wood sealers, finishes, primers, stains, emulsions, lacquers, wood preservatives, and even fence treatments.
    • Container can be detached for easy cleaning.

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Paint Zoom Sprayer

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